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Why would a skunk be chasing a human?


There is a video on reddit where a skunk is chasing a woman around. It's not spraying or even threatening to spray, but it's sure trying to keep up with her.

Why would a skunk be doing that?

Why should this post be closed?


2 answers


The skunk is clearly not angry or afraid. The woman has something the skunk wants and expects to get. Could be food, could be attention.

I have a rabbit in my house that follows me just like that when it suits her.

Watch the video and pretend it is a cat or dog following her. What do you see then?

As pointed out in a comment on the post.

It's almost like she made an effort to avoid getting out of frame. Like the skunk is domesticated and used to her feed and cuddling it. And she made a video pretending to be scared of it to farm karma. But who would do such a thing?



That is almost certainly a domesticated skunk. Yes, people do keep skunks as pets. I visited someone once that had a pet skunk. It was actually quite effectionate.