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How to keep gloves from getting sweaty?


When shoveling snow in the winter, if my gloves are warm enough to keep my hands warm, they tend to sweat and get the gloves wet from the inside out. How can I prevent this?

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Putting on a snug fitting pair of latex or nitrate gloves on first and then putting the winter gloves on is a good solution. You often see nurses or mechanics wearing these types of gloves to keep their hands free of blood or oil. The are not effective for keeping your hands warm, but they are effective as a moisture barrier.

When your hands sweat these gloves keep the moisture inside of the latex/nitrate glove barrier and keep your warm winter gloves dry. You can come back in from an hour of shoveling snow, pull off your still dry winter gloves, than pull off the latex/nitrate gloves and throw them away. Your gloves stay dry and your hands stay warm.


If you're sweating inside the latex gloves, doesn't that get uncomfortable with that moisture having nowhere to go? Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

@Monica Cellio It is a warm wet, no evaporation so it stays warm. It works for me, it may not work for others. Also for me, because I tend to get dry skin on my hands in the winter, it creates a moist lubricated feel. I think when the moisture gets to a certain point, the sweating stops. So it's NOT like having your hands in a water balloon also not like dish gloves that fill with water. It is just a layer. James Jenkins about 1 month ago

I'm not going to downvote, but I think using something disposable should be one of the last options, not the first and most-upvoated suggestion. Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago


If your hands get too warm with gloves on, take the gloves off!

My hands get sweaty too when shoveling snow. If you keep doing exercise, your hands might be quite comfortable with the gloves off. If they get too cold after a while, put the gloves back on.

This is no different from wearing a jacket. When you get hot from exercise, you take the jacket off, then put it back on when you cool down.

Please at least try this before using something disposable.