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Dead links for questions.


I am going through my imported posts and voting on answers.

Some of them are giving me this message. This occurred with Google Chrome, right click open in new window. In the first example I also tried to open the link with a different browser, Edge Chromium, same result. As I go through, if I find more I will update this post.

The server encountered a configuration or processing error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again, and if the problem persists contact the administrator.

If you believe you encountered this page in error, or you want to report a fault, you can contact the administrator at [email protected]

Interesting. This dead link looks to be the duplicate of which is not dead, BUT The live link is missing the answers.

Why should this post be closed?

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Reproduced. Looks like some data-import glitches; will investigate. Monica Cellio 3 months ago

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