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What are some good ways to go outdoors in a city while safely social distancing?


I live in a downtown urban center. Normally I exercise by going to the gym or by taking long walks around the different neighborhoods or some local hiking trails in parks.

Current social distancing guidelines to reduce coronavirus transmission state that individuals should stay at least six feet apart. However, most of our sidewalks and trails are about four feet wide, too narrow to support this.

I have been spending a lot of time enjoying the spring weather from my apartment balcony, but what are some other ways I can safely indulge my love of the outdoors while not endangering the health of others and myself?

Note that I do not have a car; ordinarily I can go anywhere using public transportation but I am attempting to avoid that as well.

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What country or area (if it is a large country) are you in? That can make a huge difference. In my area (Montgomery Country, Maryland, USA), they have actually closed streets through some parks as (a) there isn't as much traffic (there are parallel streets elsewhere so no access is lost) (b) it allows for much more room - the 2-lane street becomes a supplement for a 4-foot-wide trail. manassehkatz about 1 month ago

I'm in Atlanta, GA. We have a fair number of urban trails, but at the moment a lot of them are overpopulated - our mayor is getting a lot of calls to close the Beltline because people are worried that it will actually concentrate the spread of the virus. Sigma about 1 month ago

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I would suggest trying to get walks in either much earlier in the day or much later.

There usually aren't very many people walking around at either sunrise or around sunset and there is usually at least a half an hour before sunrise and after sunset where there is enough light that a flashlight/headlamp is not needed.

After dark, there is basically nobody though depending on the urban area that might not be the greatest idea.

At least in my experience walking on trails and around urban areas during the virus situation,

  • There are far fewer people out and about walking. There are far fewer cars and stepping into the street/crossing the road to avoid people is not hard either.
  • People are doing a pretty good job of staying away from each other when paths cross, stepping well of the trail/sidewalk to let others pass.
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