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What kind of toad is this 2.5 inch (6.5cm) one yellow with brown spots and a white back stripe?


I just found this toad on a sidewalk near a lake the elevation was probably somewhere around 4800 ft (1500m).

enter image description here

Does anybody know what kind it is?

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Note: This answer has been revised based on a higher quality photo

I am not a toad expert, but I think it is likely a Woodhouse's Toad based on this handy guide. One of the key features is the pale stripe down the back and the cranial crests; the absence of which would make it a Boreal Toad or the large symmetrical dark splotches that would make it a Great Plains Toad.

This is a cropped photo from the question showing the cranial crests circled.
Photo from OP with cranial crests circle (correctly this time, I hope)

One other note is that it is more likely to be found below 7,000 feet of elevation, unlike a Boreal Toad which is usually found above 8,000 feet.

You can see a picture of a Woodhouse's Toad here:

Photo of a Woodhouse's Toad

I originally came to the conclusion that it was a boreal toad based on the original photo using this site, but I wanted to use a more step-by-step method, so I followed the guide that I mentioned earlier. Given the update photo, the aforementioned guide would suggest that it is instead a Woodhouse's Toad. I am including the relevant page of the guide as an image (original is a pdf) to guard against link rot.

Your toad has warty skin, a light stripe, no large blotches, and large cranial crests, as best as I can tell, which implies that it is a Woodhouse's Toad.

Quick guide to frogs and toads of Colorado, pdf link here:

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