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How to keep humans from stealing your food from the bear boxes in Yosemite Valley?


Some of the Yosemite Valley parking lots have communal bear boxes as do some of the trailheads because you are not supposed to store your extra food in your vehicle while you backpack.

Bears can't get into the bear boxes, but humans can and I have had food go missing from one of the bear boxes before.

Locks are not allowed, are there tips for keeping other humans out of ones food in the bear boxes?

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Place food spiked with laxatives in those boxes at regular basis? :) Or maybe ask to have a camera put up. Lundin‭ 8 days ago

Keep a bear in the bear box. Olin Lathrop‭ 8 days ago

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Store the food in a locked box and then store the locked box in the bear box.


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