How can I make a STL of a topo map perfectly round?


With theis KML circular generator, and this STL generator it is possible to create round 3D printed maps like this one.

Image alt text

However, the KML circle isn't perfectly round and that leeds to the bumps on the edges you can see.

Is there a program where I can trim the original STL so that the result is round instead of jagged?

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I think you are better off asking these kind of questions on a rapid prototyping site. or similar. ‭Lundin‭ 18 days ago

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Here is how I made it much rounder,

  • Load the STL into Tinkercad.
  • Add a ruler to the workspace and choose the option to measure from center.
  • Center your stl and lock it.
  • Add a tube from the right menu and center it as well.
  • Set the number of sides on the tube to 64.
  • Increase the diameter of the tube so that it is slightly larger than the original STL (this may take some experimenting.
  • Download the mode and confirm that you have successfully trimmed the model.
  • Print the model. A rounder model is easier and less jerky for the printer.

Here is what my screen looks like after completing the above steps. The important parts are underlined in red.

Screenshot of tinkercad


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