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What is the best method for storing a 'pre-mixed baking mix' in a camper for long periods?


I have a camping trailer that we keep stocked with food and beverages. When we head out on an impulse trip, it stocked and ready to go.

Most of the supplies are canned or dried, so we don't need to worry about spoilage. Bread does not do well in the camper for long periods. I have purchased Bisquick to keep in the camper for making flat bread.

My question is how to store it in the camper. It comes in a multiple use box/bag and keeping a partially used open package in the camper, does not seem like a good idea.

I am thinking maybe loading sandwich bags with the dry product in 1 or 2 cup single serving size bags, and then put those bags in resealable glass container.

What is the best method for storing a 'pre-mixed baking mix' in a camper for long periods?

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Seems like one of those Tupperware-like sealable plastic containers is an obvious possibility. Why do you think that won't work? ‭Olin Lathrop‭ about 1 month ago

I think (but do not know) that those 'Tupperware-like sealable plastic containers' are not going to be as effective at keeping moisture (and bugs?) out. I would think that you would be able to get a better seal with a glass container, and you would be less likely to have air movement with pressure/temperature changes over time. ‭James Jenkins‭ about 1 month ago

I was thinking along the same lines as Olin, but given your last comment, I think you want something with a vacuum-seal ability. There are both hard and soft sided (i.e. box or bag) varieties that have valves that hook up to some sort of pump, or some of the bags can be squeezed sealed. Some of the pumps are even hand-operated, no electricity required, ideal for camping. ‭cobaltduck‭ about 1 month ago

It would probably be worth investing in one or more moisture absorbers to go in whatever container you choose. Self-indicating silica-based packs are cheap and can be recharged by driving off the water in a warm oven. ‭Pastychomper‭ 27 days ago

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Your question asked about opened packages. I'm going to offer a bit of a frame challenge.

Don't store opened packages long-term in your trailer; rotate them into your kitchen and use them, and buy another unopened package for the trailer. If you're asking about long-term storage then it sounds like these impulse trips are not so frequent that this would be wasteful, particularly if you couple this with buying smaller rather than larger packages.

After you open a package and while it's still in your trailer, I've found that glass containers with good lids (like mason jars) work well. For shorter periods (a couple weeks), good reclosable bags keep things dry and bug-free on shelves in my trailer. (We don't have to worry about critters getting in and chewing through them; your mileage may vary.) I've had bad luck with the bags that have a plastic slider and prefer the ones where you have to press the seam together yourself.



Couple of suggestions,

  • Buy the smaller bags of Bisquick so that it can all be used at once with no leftovers and then just leave it in the original packaging.

  • If you are going with the bigger boxes, then bring along one large ziplock per box and reseal that after you are done.

  • For the bigger bags you can measure it into Ziplocks and then store multiple smaller ziplocks inside a larger ziplock.

  • If its going to be real long term then I would suggest vacuum sealing it.


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