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Would an Ursack stop marmots?


I have an Ursack to keep my food safe from bears, but above treeline the problem isn't so much bears as it is marmots (who are unfortunately accustomed to people).

Would an Ursack keep the marmots out of my food?

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No, the Ursack is only bear proof. If you want protection against smaller critters you need the Ursack Allmitey

From the company site

No need to choose between bear and critter protection. The Ursack AllMitey protects your food from all creatures great and small. While our standard Major and Major XL resist being torn by bears, it is prone to small (less than 1/4 inch) punctures/weave separations. The AllMitey is virtually puncture-proof. Not only will it keep out bears teeth and claws it will thwart mice, raccoon, squirrels, pine martens, and other sharp-toothed critters. Source